The reasons for collagen depletion skin lacking collagen

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collagen depletion skin lacking collagen. What is collagen ? If you don’t want to get old, you need to know! Collagen is a protein that our bodies can produce naturally. Contributes to increasing the flexibility of the organs in the body. It also helps increase strength as well. including our skin But when I get older The body will produce less collagen. resulting in loss of flexibility It can make your skin deteriorated, wrinkled, wrinkled and look older than your age. So who doesn’t want to lose collagen? You must know that these 6 collagen depletion skin lacking collagen things should not be done!

1. UV rays from sunlight

     UV rays from sunlight contribute to the reduction of collagen in the skin. It will destroy the DNA cells that are responsible for creating collagen. Resulting in collagen degradation in the skin at a high rate. It also causes the production of enzymes in the skin that break down collagen and elastin fibers. Make our skin more delicate wrinkles easily And look older than age, ufabet sure enough.

2. Smoke

     Smoking is not only harmful to your health. It also destroys our skin to deteriorate and look older as well. Because cigarettes directly destroy collagen and elastin in our body. It also destroys nutrients in the body such as vitamin C that is needed to produce natural collagen. So when we smoke It will reduce collagen. As a result, the facial skin is easily wrinkled and looks older than your age.

3. Not getting enough vitamin C

     Our bodies need vitamin C. to create collagen Therefore, if the body lacks vitamin C It can result in less collagen on the skin layer as a result. Because the body cannot produce collagen naturally. So if you want your body to create collagen well You need to eat foods rich in vitamin C. Or may choose to eat as a supplement, it works.

4. Consuming too much sugar

     Sugar is another reason that causes the skin to lose collagen. Including also making you fat as well. Anyone who wants to have beautiful skin and a good figure. You have to reduce your sugar intake. Sugar causes inflammation in the body and affects the collagen in our skin. Including also causing the loss of elastin as well. eat a lot of sugar Be careful of old age

5. Stress

     when we are stressed The body produces a hormone called cortisol, which destroys collagen in the skin. and reduce the production of natural collagen Therefore, when we are often stressed Contact for a long time It will make our skin look deteriorated, have wrinkles and look older than our age.

6. Increasing age

     The inevitable factor is the increase in age. This results in the deterioration of the cells in the body unlike the youth. especially collagen because when I get older The body’s ability to produce natural collagen will gradually decline, which is difficult to control. So if you don’t want collagen to decrease more than before. It is wise to avoid behaviors that will cause collagen loss. It can also add collagen to the skin like taking supplements. or apply nourishing cream with collagen as well