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Ladies who love beauty, must have done nails. Which when we do nails often Some people develop fragile, brittle nails easily. Or some people have severe symptoms like nail fungus infection. Nail maintenance is essential. Because it will make the girls Have strong nails and I don’t have to worry about problems when we go for a manicure. Which today we have Nail serum That helps girls Return to have beautiful healthy nails. I can assure you that you will do your nails next time, the ladies will not have to worry that their nails will break.

1.Sephora Collection Cuticle Care Gel

The Sephora Collection Nail Serum is a gel that will help keep our nails and nose healthy. Helps nails not become brittle or break easily. Has a nice scent of apricots. The gel texture absorbs quickly into the skin, not sticky, helps to moisturize the nose, nails and the skin around the nails, helping to reduce the cuticles in the nose area, nails as well.

2. Innisfree Nail Serum

Nail serum from Innisfree helps to nourish the nails to be stronger. Suitable for girls I do nails often. The texture of this serum helps to add moisture to the nose, nails and the skin beside the nails. It is not sticky and gentle. Ladies with weak nails from manicures and being exposed to chemicals have to find them immediately

3. Okeny’S Antibacterial Oil

Okeny’s is a nail treatment. Containing natural extracts Gentle, suitable for chemically exposed nails and women. At manicure often This bottle also kills mold. And it also helps to make our nails strong. The nose, nails and nail niches are moist, not torn, not easily broken, brittle.

4. Mentholatum Hand Veil Premium Rich Nail

The next bottle of nail care serum comes from Mentholatum. This bottle is a cream that keeps the skin on the side of our nails moisturized for girls who often have nose, nails and nail cracks, tearing them up, or girls who like to bite. This bottle is a great help and the cream absorbs quickly into the skin. Does not leave a sticky feeling at all.

5. Etude House Help My Finger Essence Spa

For Etude House Help My Finger Essence Spa, this stick is a nail treatment essence. Helps maintain healthy nails. Underneath the nails and nose, nails are soft, moist, do not tear, do not become brittle. Using time is very convenient. Just spin the tip of the stick And apply the surrounding area Nails can help nourish it.