5 ways to heal bruises to heal quickly

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Bruises is an easy condition and many people have it. The bruise sometimes has pain along with it or sometimes it’s just a green bruise on the skin without any pain.

A bruise or bruise is a symptom of bleeding under the skin. Which may be caused by the fact that we were hit or hit coming from a fall Hit some material on the skin and cause bleeding under the skin. Usually, bruises can disappear on their own in 10 -14 days, but if you want to speed up the disappearance of these marks, you can do as follows.

5 ways to heal bruises to heal quickly

1. Cold compress

     During the first 48 hours, hurry to apply cold compresses. By allowing us to use a cloth to wrap ice or use a cooling gel. Apply a compress to the bruise area 2-3 times a day for about 15-30 minutes each time to ufabet help stop subcutaneous bleeding and to reduce swelling.

2. hot compress

     After 48 hours, give us a hot compress, about 2-3 times a day, about 15 minutes each time, the swelling will gradually decrease. 

3. Elevate your arms or legs

     If the bruise occurs on the arm or leg Let us try to raise an arm or leg to allow the blood to flow easily here. How to help prevent blood from congesting in the bruise area and make these marks disappear faster

4. Take Vitamin C

     Vitamin C can help your body make collagen and strengthen your blood vessels.

5. Apply aloe vera gel

     Aloe vera gel in addition to helping to moisturize the skin. It can also help reduce inflammation under the skin and reduce bruising. In addition to applying aloe vera gel, you can also use the gel inside the aloe vera plant as well.